Rear Post Precision Peep - Blue



Want to shoot better? Want to shoot faster? Increase your accuracy, and dial in your kill zone, all with your Precision Peep. Our patented rear-post design increases accuracy by giving your eye a more precise point of reference when aligning both the rear peep sight with your front pins and target. Simply lay your desired front pin at the top of the peep post and let your arrows fly. Your shot, perfected. Archery, perfected.

Warning: Use of an in-string peep can be dangerous; use at your own risk. Wear eye protection when shooting a bow. Never install a peep into worn or damaged strings.

Return Policy: We will refund any unopened packages within 30 days.

Precision Peep Aluminum Model:

  • Center post gives accurate reference point
  • Post corrects common alignment mistakes
  • 5/16” aperture allows for a clear field of view
  • 7000 series Aluminum for light-weight strength

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