Men's - My Core Heated Ski Jacket - Blue/Orange


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Introducing the World's first heated jacket with patented My Core Control Personal Thermal Control technology inside that gives the wearer the ability to actually change their core body temperature measured orally on demand.

How? By strategically providing heat to the pulse point area of the inner wrists and utilizing the heart as the pump the blood as the coolant and the circulatory system as the radiator. As the heart beats heated blood is pumped throughout the entire body. The microprocessor controller provides three temperature settings to adjust the warmth to fit your comfort and activity level. Batteries re-charge in 6 hours and are rechargeable for over 500 cycles. Solid state heated wrist devices and button are waterproof. Internal highly water resistant battery pouches with PU zippers keep batteries dry during operation. Hand wash and hang dry only. Life time guarantee on electrical when proper care is given. Includes two rechargeable 3.7 volt lithium-ion batteries with a combined 7500 MAH of power and charger.

*Heated using My Core Control™, Personal Thermal Control Technology*
*Powered by two rechargeable 3.7 volt lithium-ion batteries 7500 MHA total*
*Three levels of adjustable heat*
*Up to 12 hours of performance; 6 hours on the high setting*
*Approximate battery Run Time / Heat Output 3.7-Volt Lithium-ion Batteries (2) 7500 MAH Total
High (100%) - 135°F - 6 hours
Medium (75%) - 130°F - 9 hours
Low (50%) - 125°F - 12 hours

HAND WASH, COLD, DO NOT BLEACH, DRIP DRY AWAY FROM DIRECT HEAT, DO NOT TUMBLE DRY, DO NOT IRON, DO NOT DRY CLEAN,REMOVE BATTERY PRIOR TO LAUNDERINGBattery warranty 90 daysGarment warranty Limited LifetimeBattery compartment is not waterproof

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